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If you are in New York City and in search of a place to stay that will best serve your travel needs, then the Westgate NYC Hotel should definitely be at the top of your list. It is located in Midtown, New York, and boasts of rich history and a prime location in the heart of the city. If you are curious about what the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel has to offer, click here to learn more about this midtown jewel. However, listed below are some of the things you can expect from this hotel.

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Great Location

Westgate Hotel is located in the heart of New York City. It is a walking distance to the Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, Times Square, and the United Nations Headquarters. The hotel’s location makes it an excellent choice if you are traveling either for business or leisure as you have access to the major sites and all the wonder that the city is known for.

Westgate NYC Hotel


The hotel offers several luxurious and essential facilities ranging from an onsite restaurant and lounge, as well as a fitness area. This ensures that you don’t have to leave the hotel to get some great food or enjoy a nightcap if you are in the mood for one. You can also keep up with all your fitness goals even when you are away from home. The hotel is also great for families and their pets as well, since they offer a child menu at the restaurant and the facility is pet-friendly.

Westgate NYC Hotel


Westgate NYC Hotel is a 4-star hotel that boasts of top-notch architectural designs for its exterior as well as world-class interior decorations and finishes. The hotel also has a great staff that is both friendly and professional. In addition to being considered a world-class hotel by the experts, it is full of praise and great reviews from previous guests who have stayed there.


When planning a trip, you will want to get a feel of what the hotel looks like. The Westgate NYC hotel has a great website where you to see what the different rooms they offer look like, as well as the amenities they come with. The site also allows you to book your dates online, ensuring a convenient and hassle-free stay.

This hotel is an excellent choice whether you are traveling for work, as a group, or even as a family. It combines comfort, convenience, and world-class service neatly under one roof.

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