Mommy Bloggers Connect More Than A Network Is A Reunion Of Powerful Friends

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I’m sorry guys I was a little M.I.A from the blog this last couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean that I was not busy working on it or in other very important projects.

Yes, I  had a little secret under the rug that was dying to tell you but, had to hold and present it to all of you today. 

I have partnered with my blogger sister Monica from @NYCTechMommy to create this network of bloggers/friends as a way to come together and empower one another by helping each other and learning together.

And with the mentality of Collaboration over Competition we created Mommy Bloggers Connect!

Excited, super!

Scared and a little confused totally! and ager to learn in the process. But, I know that I have the best company with my partner. I love that we complement each other really well. We have the same way of thinking and our goals are clear for our family and our work.

Why we came together? Because we want to share our love for this community, our love to teaching and our love for a true, strong friendship; simple than that.

Mommy Bloggers Connect is a community based on collaboration over competition. We strive to foster a culture of women supporting women. Our goals is to support our members through meet-ups, learning sessions, brand partnership opportunities and more! If you’re a blogger, join us in our Facebook group here.

Celebrating Together

To celebrate the launch of this new community we put together and fun event to celebrate summer in the city and for that some awesome brands were also happy for us and were willing to help us put everything together. 

The Women’s Choice Awards was part of the companies that believe in this project and we forever be grateful for their generosity. They give women a collective voice so that we can help each other identify brands, products and services that deserve our loyalty and referrals. The Women’s Choice Award is a trusted referral source for women who are searching for the most recommended hospitals, businesses, brands and services. Women supporting women is what it’s all about!

Thirty One bags were also part of this event with their awesome bags and these new lovely snack bags.

Jaime joined us to help us showcase all the Thirty One line of bags and she was the sweetest

Popcornopolis provided us with some delicious snacks for everyone to enjoy during the event and also to take home. Popcorn is just the perfect snack for any reunion, event or even to celebrate a Holiday. Don’t you think?

Kinder By Nature also join us showcasing their awesome wipes and hand spray. If you remember I came across this brand during the New York Baby show last month and share a post about their awesome products.

We love that these eco-friendly products are especially designed for kids, keeping those with eczema and sensitive skin in mind. 100% unscented, fragrance and perfume free, made from ingredients that are 99% derived from vegetable or plant extracts. Never tested on animals and containing no nasty chemicals, alcohol, parabens, or any sort of abrasive substance. Their baby wipes are high-quality cloths made with organic ingredients including soothing, organic certified Aloe Vera. 


Photo credit Ana Beltran Photography.[/caption]

This day was much more than a launch event .. It was a reunion of friends happy to be together, having fun and learning about this new adventure of ours.  

Photo credit Ana Beltran Photography.

A closed community of moms that are open to help and empower each other every step of the way. For more pictures from this first event you can visit our Facebook page and also don’t hesitate you join our Facebook Group where we share our latest post, ask questions or simply dropping by to say hi.

If you want t to be part of the Mommy Bloggers Connect mailing list and to be informed of future events Join us here.

 We laughed a lot and joked around but trust me we are all great at what we do. Whatever it is that we do….  

Photo credit Ana Beltran Photography.[/caption]

By the way a huge thank you to our beautiful and awesome photographer Ana for also being part of this great adventure with us.

A thank you to all the brands  that decided to join us and give us this big pushed to continue to grow.

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  1. I love ❤️ your blog and how wonderfull it is . I like all the support from so many great people This makes me feel so happy 😀 that there’s good people like you helping one another I vote for you for a outstanding job 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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  4. Very cool group. What an inspired mind overthere. Keep the good works.
    You are welcome dear friend

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

  5. How awesome. Congratulation! What a wonderful way to support other moms and women bloggers!!!

  6. meet ups sound really interesting. you girls seem having lot of fun together!

  7. Great! This is a nice group to encourage everyone. And you’re right, collaboration over competition, and you will grow together. Love the popcorn! Keep it up!

  8. Blogger meet ups are always fun! It makes us new friends and widens our networks. The travel bloggers whom I met in my previous trips always recommend me whenever they have an event or a new sponsored trip/products.
    Good luck on your giveaway! I’m in Asia at the moment so I can’t join. Haha!

  9. Wow, congrats on this awesome achievement! It’s great to see people working together instead of trying to tear each other down or compete.

  10. Looks like fun the popcorn looks delicious so I clicked the link and yes I had to order from Popcornopolis 😋 good luck with this new blog network

  11. Blogging and connecting to wonderful people around this network is really a big thing! Congratulations!

  12. Congratulations Iveth, about 2 years ago I went to get some lunch and the place was packed I notice one Worker doing so much and has a smile 😃 I told my co worker wow look how good that one worker is ! (Yes you are that wonderful worker) This is such a great thing you and your friend started I know it will go far since I know you and how you always put no less than 100% in whatever you do .

  13. That sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. I finally made a facebook account so I can join your group and all the other wonderful blogging groups that I couldn’t join before.

  14. Powerful friends that’s so important and congrats for your success good luck with mommy bloggers connect

  15. Congratulations 🎉 this is so awesome helping each other All the bloggers work so hard 👌🏻 Also all of you are looking amazing 😉 keep up the great work helping each other

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