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I received tickets to an early screening of Compadres for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts are 100% my own.

IMG_1473[1]One thing I need to be clear about is that I am not a movie critic. This post is about my feelings and emotions about this movie.

First and foremost I am happy to see Omar Chaparro in a different role. We, Latinos know him well for being an excellent comedian with excellent movies. Now, watching  him with a strong, more serious character it definitely show me how much talented he is.

 compadres night 2

My thought about Compadres is that this film is all about love and how much you can do and give up for the safe of this special person.


Garza (O.Chaparro) is a police officer and he fights the crime but when he finds Maria (A. Derbez) he feels deeply in love and he is willing to give up everything for her, career, friends and even himself. When Maria is capture by Santos Garza doesn’t care how hard the way to find her can be his first priority is getting to see her again. A long the way he will find people who will help him (J. Morgan, C. Sodi,) and he also will find great danger from Santos and his sidekicks (E. Elias, amount others).

With lot of laughter, good action scenes and love filling up the screen, this film will leave you with the sense that is it ok to do everything for the person you love even if that person is not willing to love you back.


compadres night 3



I love this movie because is bilingual (I feel right at home)

I love this movie because is funny (is always good to laugh aloud)

I love this movie because it keep you at the edge of your sit (there is always something happening, action scene are great)

I love this movie because it took my feelings and play with them (without doubt I was so much into this movie I could feel what every actor was feeling in it. Thank you guys!!! This show how great actors you all are.

I love this movie because is made by Latinos, showing that we can take all kind of projects and make them awesome.


If you guys are going to the movies on April 22 please do not hesitate to go see Compadres I have the feeling that you are going to have a good time too.



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  1. Looks like it might be an interesting movie. I haven’t heard of it, but may check it out a bit closer after seeing your review. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven’t heard of this movie before. Could be because I don’t watch that many movies. This looks like a movie Mr. M would like. #ProductReviewParty

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