Proud parents… Alert !!


It is incredible for me to think that my boy is already almost  13 years old… and my little princesa is 2.


12 years ago, I was just 19th years old and had been married  for only 4 months, as happy as I was at that time I had everything in my plans but never thought to get pregnant that fast… At 19 I was starting to put everything together in my life, school, job, ect. My partner in crime/husband has always supported my decisions and for him kids were always in his plans… not  yet for me!!!.


When I first knew about my pregnancy all the emotions come to me at ones… I was scare, happy, confused, and loss but my husband was my center and guide. We both were very young, but always knew that we wanted to built our family together.    


IMG_0600[1]12 years ago, for this same time I was still with my grown belly feeling my little boy moving around inside me, that is the most incredible sensation we all moms go through. My boy’s birth was not easy; His birth was all natural….CERO MEDICINE!!!! and it was not an option for me.. the hospital where He was born was a Catholic Hospital and it was on there believes the natural birth, for a young mother as I was at the time it was pretty traumatic.  


I feel that all this years had past so fast and he has grown to be a fine and smart young boy. We are very proud of him , proud of his sensibility and kindness; but yes… like any other kid he gets me mad when don’t follow directions.  



I am also proud of us as parents… I believe that for a couple growing together and raising our family we have done a pretty awesome job. High five for us!!!…    















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3 thoughts on “Proud parents… Alert !!”

  1. Wow congrats! Fast becoming a young man! It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital staring into these little boxes and wondering how anybody could be this small? Now our boys are 4 and have started school! It won’t be long until we can actually all go to the cinema together to enjoy watching movies together!

  2. Hi, congrats on your boy (even though you had him 13 years ago) and congratulations to him on his birthday. I just recently had a baby 2 months ago (my first) and labor was really hard and painful (even with an epidural) and she is the best thing in my life. I loved reading your post because I can relate to the love that you feel for your kids. Everyone keeps saying that kids grow too fast, so I am trying to cherish every minute I get with her. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to reading more from you 🙂

  3. My oldest turned 14 last month and I’m still sort of in denial. I just got used to him being 13 and he’s already 14. LOL! I remember him growing and moving in my belly too but I had to have an emergency c-section because he was too big. Our kids are growing way too fast but it’s also really rewarding to watch them become young men that we mamas are so proud of.

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