The Pudgy Penguins Toys: Delightful Collectibles That Capture Hearts

The Pudgy Penguins Toys: Delightful Collectibles That Capture Hearts post thumbnail image

The world quickly melted over Pudgy Penguins, the collection of hand-drawn penguins, who sold out within twenty minutes of waddling their way onto the Ethereum blockchain. Now, PMI Ltd. Kids’ World is bringing the lovable characters into the real world with a new line of figures fans are sure to fall in love with!

The Captivating World of Pudgy Penguins:

The Pudgy Penguins toys come in a variety of collectible figure forms: 4.5-inch figures with interchangeable accessories, 6.5-inch figures with included positive messaging and affirmation signs, and 1.5-inch surprise penguin figures in an Igloo. Each figure comes with an official, scannable, redeemable code that unlocks a digital penguin customization using different trait boxes. That way consumers can obtain rare and epic traits and have a one-of-a-kind forever Pudgy Penguin registered to their name on the blockchain. You can even trade the traits on the Pudgy Penguin marketplace!

Spreading Positivity and Collectibility:

“Pudgy Penguins solidified their collectibility right off the bat,” said Omer Dekel, PMI Ltd. Kids’ World COO. “However, it’s the unrelenting positivity the Huddle promotes that most excites us to bring these lovable characters to tangible form for every type of fan.” The Huddle represents a community of fans coming together, fostering camaraderie and uplifting spirits through the power of these charming penguins.

The Pudgy Penguins toys

Your Chance to Own Pudgy Penguins:

Fans can get their hands on the Pudgy Penguins for the first time when they launch on today before hitting and other retailers in June. With over 30 different Pudgy Penguins ready to slide onto your shelf, there’s no better time to start your collection and chill with this adorable new line!

The Pudgy Penguins toys
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PMI Ltd. Kids’ World Pudgy Penguin Products:

● Pudgy Penguins Figures: Collectible figure toys for penguin enthusiasts! Choose from four unique hand-drawn penguins. MSRP: $12.99. Recommended Age: 8+

● Pudgy Penguins Positive Penguin: Spread positivity with these delightful figures. Two penguins to collect, each including four interchangeable signs. MSRP: $14.99. Recommended Age: 8+

● Pudgy Penguins Collectible Figure – Igloo Pack: Start your collection with these surprise penguin figures. Twelve penguins to collect, each Igloo contains one penguin and one colored leaflet. MSRP: $2.99 – $3.99. Recommended Age: 8+

● Clip-On Plush Pudgy Penguins: Cute and cuddly clip-on plush toys for on-the-go fun. Collect all six clip-on plush penguins (sold in blind boxes). MSRP: $5.99. Recommended Age: 8+

● Pudgy Penguins Plush Buddies: Embrace the softness with these plush buddies. Collect all four adorable plush penguins. MSRP: $7.99. Recommended Age: 8+

● Pudgy Penguins Huggable Plush: Find comfort and companionship with these huggable plush penguins. Collect all four for endless cuddles. MSRP: $14.99. Recommended Age: 8+.

The Pudgy Penguins toys

Join the Pudgy Penguins Community:

For more information on Pudgy Penguins, please visit: and follow on social: ● Instagram: @pudgypenguins ● Facebook: @pudgypenguins ● Twitter: @pudgypenguinsofficial

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Start your Pudgy Penguins collection today and embrace the joy, positivity, and collectibility they bring. These hand-drawn penguins have captured hearts worldwide and are now available as captivating figures. Don’t miss the chance to own these unique and delightful collectibles. Visit Pudgy’s website and follow them on social media to join the Pudgy Penguins community and stay up to date with the latest releases and exciting announcements. Let Pudgy Penguins melt your heart and spread smiles all around!

The Pudgy Penguins toys

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