The Best Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

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With Wafer Cookie In The Middle

How do I keep my kids entertained without them driving me nuts? I put one to be creative in the kitchen (usually the little one) and the other child to wash the dirty dishes we used (Yes, that’s the punishment for the older one).

Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

This post was made possible thanks to my friends at  Voortman Bakery. I was provided the products to facilitate this review

We love cookies and since July 3rd is National Chocolate Wafer Day my little one thought that it will be the greatest idea to fill some delish cake pops with chocolate wafers! (in her own words).

So, What does mom do? I get everything together and we make Triple Chocolate Cake Pops.

Yes!!!!! we love chocolate and we are not afraid to share this chocolate-crazy recipe.

So we have chocolate cake pops with chocolate wafers and deep and dark chocolate. Yummm, Yumm!!

Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

This is just a super easy recipe and fun for the kids to do. Hope you guys enjoy it as well.

Fun fact before I share the recipe:

Most of my cake post didn’t last to the chocolate dip step…. and as you can see on my last pic. the tray is almost empty. Also if you making this cake pops… Try to do it the same day you are going to consume them to keep the freshness of the wafer.

Triple Chocolate Cake Pops


  • 25oz Chocolate Cake Crumbled
  • 7oz Dark Chocolate
  • 4.5oz Whipping Cream
  • 1 pack Chocolate Wafer (Voortman Bakery Wafers)

Additional Ingredients

  • Lollypop sticks
  • Melted Dark Chocolate
  • Sprinkles of choice
  • Green Floral foam (to use as a stand)


  • In a microwave safe bowl mix your dark chocolate with whipping cream. This mix goes off to the microwave for 1 Min , with a small spoon stir it and if the chocolate is not completely melted you can put back in microwave for another minute. until the chocolate is completely melt.
  • Be sure you have completely crumbled your chocolate cake. We don't want big pieces of cake in our mixture. Having double checked your cake now, pour the chocolate & whipping cream mixture slowly in about 2/3 at the time; this to avoid ending up with a wet mixture. so start with a little at the time until you find you cake with the right consistency.
    To test it you can get a little piece of the cake and roll it in your hands. If it sticks easily in the shape you are ready for the next step.
    If instead, the cake cracks in your hands, you can continue to add a little more of the chocolate ganache.
  • Once the cake is ready to roll you can use a table spoon you start building your cake pop. Remember, Don't do your cake pops too big. They will hold up much better when they are on the smaller size and you also end up avoiding them to fall from the stick.
  • Time to use the chocolate wafers. We are going to break each wafer cookie in 4 little pieces and then you can continue to hide one piece of wafer in every cake pop and then refrigerate for about 15 to 20 mins until they are a little form.
  • After the 15mins past is time for the lollypops sticks to go in. Take one lollypop stick and dip it on the melted chocolate. (no more than one 2" or 3" in) and stick it in the bottom of your cake pop ball. Sit it back in the tray and put it back in the refrigerator for 5 mins.
  • After the chocolate is dry and the cake pop stick is completely seal. Is time to dip the pops in the melted chocolate and then decorate with sprinkles or candy of choice. Set to dry on the green foam for a couple of mins.
Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

Voortman Bakery wafers?

Voortman Bakery uses real ingredients, like whole-grain oats, coconut, and almonds. Plus, there are no artificial colors, flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans-fat in any of their cookies. They are baked with real fruits!! 

Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

You can learn more about Voortman Bakery by visiting the company’s website online. You can find these products at: Walmart, Target, Stop N Shop, Key Foods, Shoprite, And more retailers across the country.

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Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

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