4 Fun Activities To Help Your Toddler Keep Developing Their Skills

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I have always been honest about Daniela and her dislike for school… She is only 5 and at first, it was hard for me to understand why she was having a hard time if Pre-K is all about games and naps and having fun with other little kids.

The problem that Daniela has with school isn’t that she is lazy or that she doesn’t the subjects, her challenge is being away from home. She loves to be home and loves to be around the things she is used to. Making the transition to the “big school” brought her lots of anxiety for the unknown. With all of this on her, I wanted her to focus on finding her happy place in school, and then we can figure out the rest.

To help her keep up and not stay behind her class I found some awesome games that also help her develop her math, reading skills and have some fun the way.

See my shortlist of activities we are using at home:

1. My First Write-On Wipe-Off Board Book: My First Hidden Pictures, My First 123 and My First ABC 

The kids will love that they can draw all over these books and wipe away their work like magic, to begin the fun again. Parents will love that My First collection from Highlights activity books are a write-on wipe-off board book that encourages kids to practice skill-building activities just for fun.

4 Fun Activities To Help Your

This cool, colorful, dry-erase book contains preschool-friendly Hidden Pictures® puzzles, words to trace, drawing and counting activities, dot-to-dots and more. And because it’s a board book, there’s no desk or table required, so kids can use it anywhere!

2. My First Mosaic by Alex Toys Brand

My First Mosaic lets the kids create 5 colorful mosaics with hundreds of stickers. It sparks our toddler’s creativity as they create a colorful mosaic of a bus, butterfly, city, dinosaur, and fish. It is so quick and easy.

4 Fun Activities To Help Your

Make mosaic pictures with colorful triangle and square stickers on preprinted picture boards. Just peel and stick. My First Mosaic is a great first art activity. Includes 1,388 stickers, 5 pictures, and easy picture instructions. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

4 Fun Activities To Help Your

3. Smart Scoops Math Activities by Learning Resources.

With these Smart Scoops the kiddos can stack up the scoops by color, dish them into the corresponding colored bowl, or work on simple addition while building fun sundaes. It also came with a set of 23 double-sided cards, which come packed with lessons and examples that parents can use to reinforce concepts ranging from sorting and color to counting and number skills. The cards come with leveled activities, so this set grows with each child.

4 Fun Activities To Help Your

•Stackable scoops of colorful ice cream help kids learn fundamental math concepts
  such as counting, sorting, and sequencing
•Brightly colored bowls and scoops put a sweet twist on color recognition lessons 
•Double-sided cards include easy-to-follow educational lessons and examples
•Carton-shaped storage container makes scoops easy to clean up and save for later.

4. Learn to Read With… Bob Books® and VersaTiles®

This set came to help the kids build strong reading skills. With the use of three-letter words and consistent vowel sounds in slightly longer stories reinforces skills and builds confidence. The stories are filled with fun, drama, and surprises to keep kids interested!

Alongside these books, children can practice the skills they are learning by doing activities in their VersaTiles workbook. This tried and true practice system creates a hands-on way of reviewing what they are learning in their Bob Books.

This super fun set engages our beginning reader with a fun puzzle-like way to practice reading!

I’m trying to let Dani take her time with every step she takes and I’m making sure she is comfortable as well.

See how much Dani enjoyed her Highlights books on my Instagram Account

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4 Fun Activities To Help Your

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  1. Those are such great ideas! I’m so glad they are working well for her. It’s so important for parents to reinforce school skills at home. LOL our poor kids, we used to just practice math with the food on their plate haha…#alittlebitofeverything

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  3. Love 🥰 your blog so much the learning games are a wonderful way for All the kids to have fun and learn some good skills I will definitely be buying some my son is 5 and can benefit from (Bob books) thanks for sharing this 👌🏻

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  6. Some great learning resources love ❤️ them all especially my first hidden pictures it’s nice the kids can wipe off there work this way they can share it with there friends 👬 thanks for sharing

  7. I just actually clicked on your link for my first mosaic what a good price at amazon only 11.74 and free shipping this will help my little one so much

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