Check out The New Hello Kitty: Super Style! 

Check out The New Hello Kitty: Super Style!  post thumbnail image

Series Debuts Exclusively on Amazon Kids + on December 7

This month, the world is getting a little cuter and kinder with the arrival of Hello Kitty: Super Style!. Coming exclusively to Amazon Kids+ on December 7. 

Along with a cast of beloved Sanrio characters and a few new friends. Global icon Hello Kitty makes her 3D debut in this new Amazon Kids+ Original animated series, created for viewers ages 5-8. The series is a continuation of Sanrio’s commitment to build emotional connections with existing and new generations of fans through digital content that encourages a community of kindness and inclusivity.

Hello Kitty: Super Style!

The Story

In this fun and action-packed series, Hello Kitty stars as the friendliest face in Cherry Town. A small-town hero who will stop at nothing to help a friend in need and get them smiling. Whether she’s helping someone overcome a fear, share with a friend, or find the confidence to try something new. Kitty uses sprinkles of kindness, oodles of heart, and a dose of bow power! Her bow wiggles, glitters, and glows when a friend is in need. Activating an amazing transformation that changes her costume to be a brave explorer, a cunning detective, a top-notch chef, high-jumping athlete, sensational pop star, or any of a number of personas, to help her tackle the challenge ahead.

Hello Kitty: Super Style! Movie Trailer

Movie Cast & Credit

The catchy, playful series theme song is performed by Grammy-, Juno-, and Polaris Prize-nominated singer/songwriter (and Hello Kitty superfan) Carly Rae Jepsen. The song and lyrics were written by Jared Faber, who created music for Teen Titans Go! and The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. The series begins with six new episodes, with the remainder of the 52-episode series arriving throughout 2023.

In Conclusion

Hello Kitty: Super Style! is a show about how anyone can be a great friend by being courageously kind. With the power of her magical bow, Hello Kitty activates an amazing transformation to become a brave explorer, high-jumping athlete, sensational pop star, and more to help her friends and save the day. When Hello Kitty’s friend Zonty is afraid to roller skate. She transforms into Athlete Kitty to help him find the confidence he needs to take a spin on his own! And when Frido forgets a gift for her buddy on Friendship Day, Artist Kitty is ready to help her express herself to show she cares.

Hello Kitty: Super Style! is an action-packed series full of heart and humor. With new original music and adorable and diverse characters, who help deliver social-emotional life lessons about confidence and compassion in every episode.

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