Dani’s Finding Dory Mash’Ems Toy Surprise 

Dani’s Finding Dory Mash’Ems Toy Surprise  post thumbnail image

Dani's Finding Dory Mash'Ems Toy Surprise

Dani is only 2 and I know it may be wrong that I let her watch YouTube but, honestly  it help me so much when I need a quiet time … I let her watch a couple of kids channels and they use either egg surprises or unboxing toy surprises, she loves them. I will make a list on a different post….

This past weekend we had our regular trip  to Target and she found these Mash’Ems Toy Surprise from the new movie Finding Dory.. So, I got her 4 boxed and she was SUPER happy, she had toy surprises and couldn’t believe it!!! lol.

All the way back to the car she was asking mommy and daddy if she can open the boxes… Our response was no!!; you do that at home … But, she was very persistent in wanting to have a toy surprise right away and her brother was up to help her open the surprise toys…

After some time of going back and forth we agreed to open the boxes and when I heard Dani excited about getting Dory I just started to recorded her. Here is the video…


You let your kids watch YouTube? What are your thoughts about it!!!







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10 thoughts on “Dani’s Finding Dory Mash’Ems Toy Surprise ”

  1. AAHHH SHE IS SO CUTE! Dori and Nemo, Dori and Nemo lol. Love the video. : ) The surprises look really great for kids. Also don’t feel bad about the YouTube videos, I think it’s okay occasionally to give you a peace of mind. p.s. That car seat she is sitting in looks comfy ; ) haha. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

  2. I’ve never heard of these – my daughter loves a bit of YouTube but to be honest I don’t really know how to do it properly (I swear!) so we end up looking at videos of her brother and her on my phone instead. #stayclassy

  3. Your daughter is adorable. I didn’t know what mash-ups were until I saw this posts. Have to try them out on my son. Thanks for being a part of the party.

  4. My kids are strict about screens ofall thpe. But grandma lets her do educational and childrens movies and tv. Thanks for sharing at #OverTheMoon!

  5. My kids just recently watching YouTube, mainly for help with games they’re playing. But I make sure to watch them, so they’re not watching stuff not suitable for kids. #ProductReviewParty

  6. My son watches YouTube a lot. He enjoys watching people play video games. I don’t mind that he watches it because as you said, it allows you some time to get stuff done. I need to look into those toys though! #ProductReviewParty

  7. O my she is so cute! Great video! Surprises are awesome. #productreviewparty on girl have a great weekend!

  8. She is just too cute. I miss having a child that age in my house. I would love to do surprise toys. 🙂 Thank you for sharing. The video made my day.

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