Fun Cookies Decoration Idea For The Kids This Halloween

Fun Cookies Decoration Idea For The Kids This Halloween post thumbnail image

This post was made possible thanks to my friends at  Voortman Bakery. I was provided the products to facilitate this review.

By now, you may know how much we love Voortman Bakery wafers and cookies. Right!. At home, we all love sweets and Voortman wafers are always our way to go. And even more, this week that the kids are home. So putting this fun cookie decoration for the kids this Halloween was the perfect idea.

The favorite thing for Dani to do is to decorate, putting colors and sprinkles in everything she can to make her the happiest and if she is happy, mommy is happy… Of course. I focus this post on Halloween but this fun cookie decoration idea for the kids can be done for any season and at any time works best for you.

Fun Cookie Decoration Idea For The Kids

I hope you enjoy this post and thank you to our friends at Voorman Bakery.

Fun Cookies Decoration Idea
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Time to Have a Fun

So, in the spirit of the coming season…. she decorated some of the newest additions from Voortman: Pumpkin Spice… Voorman Cookies are baked with real pumpkin, made with no artificial colors or flavors, AND no high-fructose corn syrup. Her theme was Halloween.

Here’s what we used:

  1. Voortman’s Pumpkin Spice cookies & wafers
  2. Squeezable frosting in colors of choice. We choose black and orange to keep up with the theme.
  3. Candy eyeballs (a must to keep up with the monsters’ creations)
  4. Holiday sprinkles.
Fun Cookies Decoration Idea

This is where the fun begins.

Fun Halloween Cookies Decoration

Warning! Be prepared to watch those cookies disappear before they are ready to share around. Dani finally made her creatures and was happy with the outcome.

Fun Halloween Cookies Decoration

Go ahead and give the delicious Voortman wafers a try and let me know what you think!

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Fun Cookies Decoration Idea for the kids this Halloween

15 thoughts on “Fun Cookies Decoration Idea For The Kids This Halloween”

  1. You daughter did a great job with the cookies , it will make a fun afternoon for us today since it’s raining so much (indoor funday) thanks for sharing

  2. I was thinking about what I can do with my kids for Halloween now I’ll have the perfect idea thanks to you I’m buying everything to decorate the cookies

  3. We will be buying some of the pumpkin spice cookies (Voortman) no little ones in our house but we do love a good cookie

  4. With Halloween 👻 almost here I will be trying this with my children decorating the cookies looks super fun and yummy 🤤

  5. I could of made use of e when I was working as a registered child minder#alittlebitofeverythinh@_karendennis

  6. That’s a wonderful way to let the kids enjoy Halloween 🎃 especially since my children don’t go (trick a treat) will be buying some Voortman cookies thanks for sharing your daughter’s Creation she did a awesome job

  7. That’s such a great idea to enjoy your favorite cookies with the kids we love Voortman cookies ever since we first saw on your blog I think it was for no bake cheesecake it was so good 😊 thanks again for sharing this awesome creation

  8. Perfect thanks! I was looking for convenient and easy Halloween snacks to fix for a Halloween get-together at my place. I love that these Voortmans cookies are made with real pumpkin and no artificial flavors or colors – that is a HUGE bonus for me, since I’m trying to keep it somewhat healthy (as much as you can anyway in Halloween season, LOL!)

  9. I never had pumpkin spice cookies will be looking for them can’t wait to try thanks 😊 for sharing

  10. Thanks for sharing this will be perfect for our Halloween party this year your daughter did a great job with the cookies 🍪

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