Best On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!

Best On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks! post thumbnail image

Whether you’re traveling near or far, keep the family happy with these healthy snacks.

Welch’s Fruit Snacks are sure to delight your family with the delicious taste and quality that can only be Welch’s. Even better, they are available in varieties such as Tangy Fruits, Island Fruits, Berries N’ Cherries, Mixed Fruit, Superfruit, Apple Orchard, and more ideal flavors for on-the-go snacking. (MSRP: 10ct Box with 0.9oz. Pouches / $2.99)

Unroll the fun this summer with Welch’s Fruit Rolls! Featuring fruit as the first ingredient, Welch’s Fruit Rolls are loved by kids and approved by mom! Flavors include Strawberry, Berry, and Tropical Punch. (MSRP: 6ct Box with 0.75oz roll / $2.99

On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!

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Protein Toppers

Any meal, anywhere, anytime, Protein Toppers® have capitalized on the hottest trend in food today – plant protein. Sought out by vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians, and healthy living consumers, with 15-17 grams of plant protein that is portable, great for grab-n-go, and ready-to-eat. 

Protein Toppers has premier nutritional benefits, taste, texture, crunch, and convenience factor, making the uses endless. they are the perfect addition to soups, salads, sandwiches/wraps, stir-fry, smoothies (bowls/yogurt), sides, stirs/breakfast, lunch, dinner, stand-alone snacks, and even ICE CREAM!  Great for summer snacking!

On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!


OH SNAP!®, a line of truly tasty pickles and pickled veggies in convenient, single-serve packaging, is making its mark on the snack-food industry. The innovative OH SNAP! the pickling line includes four pickle varieties featuring best-selling Dilly Bites and Hottie Bites, complemented by whole pickle options Gone Dilly and Hottie. Completing the line are four pickled veggies – Cool Beans, Carrot Cuties, Pretty Peas, and Hoppin’ Jalapeños. 

Who doesn’t like a little spice in their life and on their taste buds?

On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!

Bring them to the BBQ, toss them in your lunchbox, take them on a road trip, munch while running errands, or just keep them on hand for a snack to enjoy at home; OH SNAP! combines healthy ingredients with convenience and great taste. Packaged with no added brine, OH SNAP! pickles and pickled veggies deliver superior crunch and make healthy snacking easier than ever. Better yet, all eight OH SNAP! varieties are gluten-free and fat free.

On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!

Hottie, Hottie Bites and Hoppin Jalapenos are the perfect way to spice and burger or sandwich or just each them on the go for a little extra HOT this summer!

Rowdy Bars

Rowdy Bar is leading the charge into the prebiotic marketplace with the first all-natural energy bar featuring the gut-health superfood Yacon Root. These Bars are the prebiotic powerhouse full of Yucon Root, the alternative sweetener needed to create low-glycemic, high flavor bars! Each Rowdy Bar is crafted with 10 or fewer whole food ingredients and no artificial flavors.

On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!

These delicious bars are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up for the kids’ summer activities, busy weekends on the go, or a simple, nutritious snack instead of chips or cookies. Rowdy Bars are available in decadent Chocolate Coconut Cashew, Peanutty Dark Chocolate, Sunflower Butter N’ Berries, and their latest addition, the new Blueberry Almond Tart! Opt for smart, on-the-go nutrition to keep your day moving smoothly and junk food off their minds.

Rowdy Bar Benefits:

  • Loaded with beneficial prebiotics from the Yacon Root
  • Crafted with 10 or fewer whole food ingredients per bar
  • Low Glycemic
  • No artificial flavors
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-, Soy-, and Dairy-Free

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On-the-Go Road Trip & Travel Snacks!

No matter where the road takes you, always remember to have the right snack for the family during those long rides that are coming your way.


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